In de loop der jaren ben ik meer en meer gaan inzien dat mentale kracht allesbepalend is voor fysiek kunnen.

Mijn ervaring binnen de voetbalwereld heeft mij laten inzien dat er twee type grenzen bestaan; de grenzen die jij mentaal voor jezelf stelt, de grenzen die jij permitteert die anderen voor jou stellen.

Elk ander levend organisme op aarde zal van nature groeien tot haar maximale potentie, behalve de mens. Er is geen levend organisme dat een doel zal stellen waartoe het niet in staat is om dit doel waar te maken.

Mijn werk richt zich op de relatie tussen de hersenen, het lichaam en gedrag. Het spitst zich toe op hoe gedachten en gevoelens het menselijk gedrag beïnvloeden en buitengewone resultaten waarmaken in de omgeving.

Binnen het programma BUITEN GEWOON PRESTEREN help ik en begeleid ik jeugdspelers, zodat zij op en naast het veld buitengewoon kunnen presteren. Dit doe ik volgens de door mij ontwikkelde SPARTAN GOD methode. Ik verbind de fysieke voetbaltraining met de persoonlijke ontwikkeling van het kind. Met de juiste mentale focus wordt hij effectiever en zullen de gewenste resultaten beter en sneller behaald worden.

Sweat more in training, bleed less in battle

Training day after day, individually or with the team. Preparing for the future, what you do now will become your new 'now' tomorrow!

In this story Pierre tells you a bit more about his second passion: helping youth players through mental and physical coaching in order to realize their maximum potential too. The future is being created in the now. The future cannot be created anywhere else than in the present. Pierre believes that with what you do 'now', you define your new 'now', in other words you determine what your future is going to be.

Below you will read how Pierre is challenging young players to be their best version through the Regioteam Groningen, where Pierre has been appointed as head coach.

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Over the years, Pierre came to realize that mental strength is the determining factor to physical abilities. For this reason, he has been working to mentally build the best version of himself. To become the best possible football player that he can become.

Sweat more in training, bleed less in battle. Pierre is a professional football player.

He is a two-footed defensive midfielder who particularly likes to intercept balls in the midfield and find a progressive solution by playing forward. As a result, the team concedes fewer goals and wins more matches.

Besides his passion on the pitch, Pierre has a second passion: helping youth players through mental and physical coaching in order to realize their maximum potential too. He will be sharing more about this later, stay tuned for more…

This week Pierre Semudenge has another fun football drill: juggling. All that you need is a football and some space. The goal is to train yourself to master the ball with both legs. Start by juggling 1 time with your right foot and 1 time with your left foot. Then, 2 times with the right foot and also 2 times with the left one. Repeat this process by progressively moving up the latter to 3 times, 4 times, 5 times, etc..

Whenever you drop the ball on the ground, you must start from the beginning again. How far do you get? Share your progress with Pierre via social media @pierre_semudenge_official #stayhungry. Have fun! 


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During the past week, Pierre Semudenge shared his attitude as well as his viewpoint on how to keep young athletes active with their sport. Via social media platforms, Pierre appealed to the support of parents with a football player at home. His message has been to continue to encourage young athletes to progressively work on their craft, especially now!

In this video, Pierre Semudenge shares parts of his training regiments and has a special message for young athletes in quarantine. Even in challenging times like the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, you have more control over the person that you will become than you think.

Every training consists fundamentals. If you really want to be the better player, you must invest hours and hours working on the fundamentals. Mastery of the fundamentals allows you to expand your vision in pressure situations, both during training with your team and during games. Work on your fundamentals, every day!


This is an impression of Pierre Semudenge during one of his weekly private training sessions with his Personal Training Coaches at the Inspire Football Academy Pro. Pierre Semudenge chooses to work with IFA-PRO because of their shared belief that when you want to turn your vision into reality, "Don’t wait for opportunity, create it".



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